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a new kind of
community awaits
Bebo is our idea for the modern Community - by reminding ourselves how communities have always thrived.
We’re positive. We’re engaging. We’re supportive.
And we’ve been waiting for you.
Involvement and representation in communities are critical to the human experience, and social media should enhance this. Instead, it’s proven to be a mixed blessing. Online communities frequently lack many of the social norms of the real world.

Following the success of the original Bebo we established a considerably smaller and more focussed community in the form of a private members club called The Battery. Bebo now combines the best elements of both to create a new kind of online community.
Our goal is to provide a safe environment where mutual respect is the baseline, individuality and creativity is encouraged, and diversity is celebrated.
how to join
To join Bebo you must be nominated by another Bebo member. All new members are able to nominate three new members. Your own reputation within the community is determined by the subsequent reputation of those you nominate. Please only invite others who you know well and are confident will enhance the community. Additional nominations will be given at our discretion.
the pledge
There is no place on Bebo for hate speech, prejudice or discrimination, including those based on age, ancestry, color, disability, gender, gender identity or expression, race, religion or sexual orientation. Anyone demonstrating prejudice will have their membership deleted, if you nominate or are friends with those whose membership is deleted then yours may also be. Choose your friends wisely and meliorate the merriment for all.
reserve your username
If you've not received an invite yet but would like to reserve your username for when you do you can do so here.